Video poker

Video poker is an exciting form of poker that made its way into the casino scene back in the 1970s via land-based machines. In recent years, this version of poker has also made its way to the online platform where it has seen a huge boom in popularity. What’s exciting about video poker online is that these games offer players the chance to test their poker skills, while enjoying a slot game format. What’s even better about these gaming options is that video poker offers players some of the highest RTPs in the business. Combining big wins with a ton of different game options, video poker is an excellent and exciting way to pass some time online, and make some money while doing so. Continue reading to find out all you need to know about video poker.


  • High RTP
  • Big wins
  • Skill-based
  • Many options and variants


How to play video poker

Video poker is very similar to poker games such as Texas Hold’em in that you need to score high hand combinations in order to win. Although there are a number of different options out there, the basics are the same in that players will be dealt five cards. These cards can be exchanged for others in order to improve the hand being held. Most games do not have a limit on how many, or indeed how few, cards players would like to exchange. As it is in poker, players will place bets on their own hand to win. Video poker is strictly against RNGs, so the player will be competing directly against the computer for the final outcome of the round, where they will potentially win a big prize, based only on the card values within the hand. Some video poker games will also offer progressive jackpot prizes.

Video poker strategy

When it comes to playing video poker games, there are a number of strategies that can be employed. One of the main things to remember about these games is that because they are played against a computer, there’s a greater chance of actually winning, and beating the game. The first thing to avoid when playing video poker is the temptation of just guessing. With the right strategy, success is inevitable. Players should choose the right pay table and always play to the maximum betting limit.

The odds of winning at video poker

One of the things that surprises most players are the odds that come along with video poker. While players are usually taught that the house always wins, this is not actually the case with video poker games. The clear exception to the rule, the house edge is often minimal, at times none existent and completely in favour of the player. Depending on the game players can be looking at an RTP of 99% to over 100%, which indicates just how successful players can actually be. Chances of winning are also increased by careful selection of pay tables within the game. Some pay tables offer different odds for various hands. In general a pay table offering less than 9/6 is risky and actually indicates to players that the house edge is much higher and therefore less likely to be beaten during the game.

Dictionary – get to know the lingo of video poker

As with other games, there is some video poker lingo that players will need to understand before getting in too deep. For instance, action is the simple process of selecting and betting on a specific machine. The amount of action given is in reference to the amount a player has bet on that machine. As many players will already know, there are set winning hands in poker, and that’s the same in video poker. However, these hands, such as full house, often have secondary names, in this case, boat. Bonus poker is an important term to know as it means more money! In video poker, some four of a kind hands will be eligible for higher payout rates and are known as bonus poker. Beware though that to compensate for this, lower value hands will be paid at a lower rate compared to other games.

Variations of video poker

Video poker has a large number of game variants available and the ones players have access to will depend on the casino’s collection. While all video poker games have the same basics, variants can differ a lot. For example, the game Jacks or Better has one of the lowest returns especially when it’s compared to games like Double Bonus Poker or Deuces Wild. However, it is the classic game and the easiest one to get started on. Tens or Better is similar to Jacks or Better but players will need to get a pair of tens to be able to continue playing. Deuces Wild is one of the most popular options out there and is one of the more complex variants as all the twos are wild and can replace other cards to make winning combinations.

Good to know – things to consider when playing video poker

There are a number of things to remember when playing video poker. First, because each variant has such specific rules and varying pay tables, it’s important to spend time selecting the game that suits you as a player. Once a game has been chosen, a suitable gaming strategy that matches the game must also be selected. Strategy charts can be found online, but new players are recommended to start out with one of the simpler games such as Jacks or Better. Players would also do well to choose a game that has more regular wins on offer, rather than one that has higher payouts available. Experienced players might also get a thrill out of choosing some of the multi-hand options available. Finally, players should actually have a look and see if they find the game exciting or not. There’s no point in choosing the optimal game if it isn’t actually enjoyable.