Responsible Gaming — What is It?

Online gambling is a thrill most punters are trying out especially in the current times. Unfortunately, there is a big percentage of players who end up harming themselves due to gambling addiction. Responsible gaming teaches about healthy gambling habits.

These skills learned go a long way in curbing the negative impacts caused by gambling addiction. Responsible gaming educates punters on making sound financial decisions. Do you find yourself spending hours glued to your computer screen gambling? This is one major warning signal in problem gambling.

Gambling is only for pure entertainment and fun. In the article, you will discover how to play online without falling into gambling addiction. Learn how to time your gaming sessions to avoid spending a lot of money. Here is a breakdown of responsible gaming and what you need to know.

Gambling is Supposed to be Fun

Online gambling is a fun and entertaining activity you can do alone or with your friends. Punters with control over their gambling habits have a fun time at the online casino. These players set limits and budget how much money they can spend at the casino.

In essence, gambling should tick an adrenaline rush to compete. Therefore, you should not take it as a route to monetize or build a career. The fun part about casino games is the experience rather than obsessing over winning.

Online gambling is far from making quick money. There are many risks involved. Therefore, the risks create the spirit of gaming that makes your game sessions worth the wager. The thrill of beating the odds stacked up against you is enough fun to start gambling. However, it is not a quick route to change your whole life. Therefore, change your perspective while at the casino.

Watch Out for Warning Signals

Problem gambling takes a significant toll on one’s life. Gambling addiction can cause problems with family, business, or even the law. Fortunately, there are many warning signals to detect. For example, some players often get an indescribable obligation to gamble. Furthermore, these players have a notion that they must win. Others try gambling with borrowed money or, worse, steal it. Some players want to win back a loss at the casino after a bad run, building up hopes of a major payday that will sort the rest of their life.

Other players gamble during work hours, while still others hide when gambling to avoid judgment from friends and peers. Some gamblers spend a whole night locked on their computer screens without quitting. When was the last time you engaged in another fun social activity? You might be suffering from problem gambling unknowingly. Do not worry! We have all the help you can get.

Avoid Gambling Addiction — Step by Step

After recognizing any worrying signals for problem gambling, it is time to devise ways to overcome them. Start by setting a limit. How much is your disposable income? Do you have a budget? Well, it is time to start financial planning in your life. Set limits on how much money you can spend for fun.

A rule of thumb is always to bet money you are comfortable losing. Also, view online gambling as a source of entertainment. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to overcome gambling addiction. However, these steps do not guarantee a full recovery from problem gambling. But they go a long way in reducing the risk of gambling addiction significantly.

Only play if you feel it’s fun

Winning should not be the major motivation behind gambling. Yes, it is an indescribable sensation to walk away with a jackpot. But, it is not a guarantee. Moreover, it is common to run into losses while at an online casino. Therefore, it is time to learn to take a break. You might run into a streak of bad luck that ends up costing more wagers. Therefore, it is important to take a pause while at the table. Take a few hours off to recharge and relax. Additionally, you can take a few days off to break the habit you have formed.

Make sure you view gambling as entertainment

Can gambling be a full-time occupation? No! The online gambling scene is full of uncertainties and risks. Each casino game comes with a variance that calculates the risk involved. Therefore, it is time to view gambling as entertainment you pay for. It is similar to watching a film or purchasing a computer game. Furthermore, it is like paying your $10 per month subscription for Netflix. Witness the entertainment that comes with trying new casino games with thrilling features, not because you want to walk away with the daily jackpot. You stand to gain a lot with this mindset at the online casino.

Set up a budget

Bankroll management is a key asset for a player at an online casino. Your bankroll management skills determine your length of stay at the casino. Even though gambling is a rush, you need discipline and control. Set your disposable income apart to cover either your daily, weekly, or monthly gambling expenses at the casino. In addition, the amount set should be one you can afford to lose either per day, week, or month. Furthermore, never go over your budget during a gaming session. Additionally, take time off your computer after losing your betting budget. This can be for a day, week, or till next month.

Transfer your gambling money to a different account

Most problem gamblers suffer because of the ease of access to funds when gambling. After setting a budget, you need to transfer other remain funds to a separate account. A locked account is a viable option to avoid the ease of reaching these funds. Create a dedicated gambling account for all your gambling needs. The separate account will give you control during your gambling sessions. A major sign that your addiction is getting out of hand is when you dip into your other accounts. If this occurs, then you need to sit back and rethink the way you are playing.

Take a lot of breaks

Do you spend hours on end stuck to your computer screen browsing different online casino sites? It is high time you take a break. Taking a break means you stop incurring any losses. Therefore, you prevent any further damage or loss with your bankroll. In addition, it gives you a chance to relax and reset your energy. Do not spend hours playing casinos games in a row. After making a big win, do not feel tempted to throw in your wins on a wager. Furthermore, do not place more stakes when having a bad run at the casino.

Never try to win back lost money

Hitting rock bottom is not a new concept at the online casino. Some problem gamblers end up feeling lost. They develop an urge to win back their stakes. However, this is one pathway of losing more money. In addition, most compulsive gamblers feel they can win back their losses with another chance. The denial phase can be pretty harmful if gone undetected. Sometimes it is good to count your losses and wait for another day. The relentless need to win back money only ends up leading to more losses. If you are feeling like this, it is time to take a break from the casino.

Never borrow money to play

Borrowing money seems like an ideal way to raise your bankroll. Yes, a large bankroll means a possible big payout. However, take a minute and think? What happens when you lose that stake? Is your backer understanding enough to let their debt slide? Well, borrowing money to wager only increases the risks.

Furthermore, it only leads to increased debt. The need to borrow money to play only adds to your gambling addiction. Do you want to become bankrupt? Of course not, so take a break after losing. You can wait for a week or month till you have money to spend on gambling again.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Do you feel like your problem gambling is getting out of hand? It is high time to seek help. Please do not feel afraid to ask for it when you are losing control. Gambling addiction affects more than only the player. Family and friends also get dragged into this problem.

Therefore, it is time to accept that you have a gambling problem and seek help from professionals. It is hard to go on the recovery journey alone. However, getting help from friends and family is much easier. Look for support groups to connect with other gamblers. There are various help organizations with specialization on gambling addiction.

What Can I Do if I Get Addicted?

Do not worry! Help is available. Gambling Helpline New Zealand is an innovative tool for problem gambling addicts. You can reach out to the Gambling New Zealand helpline on 0800 654 655 or text 8006. It is a free toll line with professionals that offer over-the-phone support. The health department supports over 40 languages.

Furthermore, you can get face-to-face services. In addition, Gamblers Anonymous is a helpful resource. It is a program for an international fellowship of people suffering from compulsive gambling addiction. It is an open program where you can share your experiences with others while getting recommendations.

Problem Gambling Foundation of NZ is another helpful PGF group that works with punters suffering from problem gambling. Furthermore, the organization helps people get back on their feet and reconnect with family and friends. They offer counselling services free of charge. The organization hosts duty counsellors available either through text, call, or email.

Some services that addicts can get in New Zealand include free and confidential counselling for gamblers, friends, and families. In addition, there are education and support groups available. Other players can choose to seek culturally appropriate counselling. Aid with self-exclusion is another available form of help to seek.


Responsible gaming is a lesson all punters must know by heart before logging into an online casino site. Online gambling comes with its perks but also harmful effects. Gambling addiction is a growing concern that needs counselling. However, online gambling is a form of entertainment and not a career path. It is a fun activity to engage in once in a while.

However, never let the notion of making a big payday drag you through the phases of problem gambling. Get thrilled with new games and their features. If you develop a compulsive need to gamble, seek help from professionals.