POLi online casino

POLi is one of the best online payment services on the net at the moment and it is used by both online businesses and customers around the world. Ever since its inception way back in 2006, many customers have been able to purchase products online without the use of a credit or debit card. Not only is this service instantaneous and secure, but it’s also free of charge, with the only service fees being from the online casino you choose to play at. One of the primary successful factors is that this particular service requires no signing up or registration. This is one of the key reasons as to why an online casino POLi NZ option is a must try!


  • Great payment method for NZ players
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Trusted by players and online casinos worldwide


Get started with a POLi online casino

Getting starting with a POLi online casino is really simple as there is no need for registration or any form of sign-up. However, this means that there is no way to make a withdrawal. We will explain this below. This service should be seen as a safety ‘tunnel’ for making secure purchases and deposits. The best thing about this service is that it is completely free of charge, and it also encourages the sites that offer their service not to add any additional costs to the deposits made. What’s more, deposits are instant, which is great for those who are constantly in a hurry. One of the main concerns about this service is that there is a lot of controversy surrounding it, as many banks do encourage clients not to use this service. However, many of the negative claims have been denied by POLi and many reviews across the web state that the service is safe to use.

How to deposit money to a POLi online casino

Making an online casino POLi deposit is very simple. All that’s required is to choose a reputable casino and upon your registration with the site in question, you have to select the service as your preferred method of payment. Once you see the pop-up window of the service, select the amount you wish to deposit and the name of the bank you are using. You will then be redirected to your internet banking homepage where you will be required to log in. This will be the only time you will need to enter any personal information when using the service. Upon entering, an online form will already have the amount ready for you to deposit and once the payment has been confirmed, you will be taken back to the casino. Once the process has been completed, the casino and yourself will receive payment receipts, which should be kept safe. The process is swift and requires little to no effort.

How to withdraw money from a POLi online casino

As we have mentioned above, POLi has no options for making any kind of withdrawal, as it is not a web wallet. Unlike PayPal, it is unable to store funds, which forces you to seek an alternate means of withdrawing your funds from your online casino account. This sort of complicates things as it is a rule of thumb to use the same service for both deposits and withdrawals. It does make up for this by allowing players to fix possible errors by requesting a transaction refund, which can be done by completing one of their online forms. When choosing a payment method such as the best online casino Australia POLi option, it is vital to ensure that they offer the services you need before being set on using them. Another good thing to do is to have an in-depth look at the terms and conditions that come along with using them, as this will provide plenty of insight as to what kind of company they are.

Am I safe playing at a POLi online casino?

To sum things up, we can say that with the absence of an account, it means the absence of a password. Therefore, with POLi, all information is safe and no personal or financial data will be required to be relinquished to the online casino. The service itself doesn’t store any personal information and any transaction made is entirely anonymous. Furthermore, all financial transactions are done under the protection of 2048-bit SSL encryption. If you don’t understand what that means, allow us to explain. The security that this level of encryption provides is so immense that it would take a regular computer 300 trillion years to crack it. If, by some miracle, information had been intercepted by hackers, the data itself would be useless, as it would be illegible. With such stringent security measures put in place, it is safe to assume that all of your transactions will be secure and there would be very little to worry about.