Online poker

Poker is one of the most popular table games in the world both online and offline. However, it has been the internet that has helped to propel this game to new heights of popularity. With easy access, online poker real money games have boomed, with greater numbers of players flocking to play this highly competitive yet entertaining game. One of the big draws is that this is not a game of luck, but rather one that requires concentrated and careful strategising in order to succeed. Depending on the variant being played, rounds, and indeed games, can be very quick, others can last longer. Similarly, the complexity of the game depends, to an extent, on the poker version being played. For the complete rundown of everything poker, keep reading as we will cover rules, odds and much more.


  • Skill-based game
  • Big wins
  • Ability to socialise


How to play online poker

There are a number of different poker variants available, so we will just cover Texas Holdem. This is a five card game where each player is dealt two cards in their hand. Players have the chance to look at these cards and then decide on the subsequent action. If they choose to stay in the game they must place their ante. Once this has been done, the dealer will then deal three community cards face up on the table. These cards can be used by any player to create the best hand possible in combination with those in their hand. Another betting round ensues which then sees the dealer place out a fourth community card. Again there is a round of betting and then the dealer places out the final, fifth, community card. Players playing online poker NZ will then strive to make the best possible five card hand using a combination of the cards in their hand and the community cards.

Online poker strategy

When it comes to poker strategies we can be here all day. However, the easiest part to discuss here are the different playing styles that are used. These are loose, tight, aggressive and passive. These are usually combined in pairs to make four different playing styles. One of the most popular styles is the tight/aggressive style. This type of play involves regular betting or raising, combined with making calls very infrequently. Tight players will play hands rarely, only choosing to play a hand when they’re really sure they can win. Loose/passive players are the complete opposite, playing almost every starting hand and rarely raising.

The odds of winning at online poker

The odds in poker actually vary quite a bit, not just among the various different versions that are available, but also within the game itself as well as the bet size. Odds in poker can actually be quite confusing for the beginner, but there are a number of cheat sheets available to help players out. Calculating the odds in poker is how players can get ahead in the game. But this does require an in-depth knowledge of the game and a memory that knows how many cards are left to play. In general, players will have a top end of a 50% chance to win at a hand and this can fluctuate depending on what action is taken in the round. For instance, seeing suited cards can make players want to up their bet, but they will only add a 2.5% chance to the hand. There’s only a tiny 2.1% chance of getting a premium hand, but if players have a flush draw, which means one card short of a complete flush, this hand is likely to be made 34.97% of the time.

Dictionary – get to know the lingo of online poker

When it comes to poker, there are, inevitably, a raft of terms players are already familiar with, but we’ll have a look through them anyway. The ‘ante’ is the first money placed by each player, which is the money that goes into the poker pot at the start of the round. If you’re ‘all-in’ this means that you’ve run out of any additional chips and have placed all you have in the bet. To ‘call’ means to put into the pot an amount of money that’s the same as the previous bet. Alternatively players can choose to ‘raise’, which means placing a bet that’s higher than the one previously placed. This action continues the round and it indicates that the player thinks they have a winning hand. ‘Folding’ is when a player determines that their hand is not good enough so they will lay down their cards and not participate any further in that round.

Variations of online poker

There are many different versions of poker available online. We have touched upon the most popular played version, Texas Holdem, but there are a whole lot more, each with the same basics, but slightly different rules. Omaha Hi runs a close second to Texas Holdem and plays in the same way except that each player receives four cards in their hand, not two. When making their final hand they have to use two of the cards in their hand, plus three of the community cards. Other versions available include 7-Card Stud, 5-Card Draw, Casino Holdem and Razz.

Good to know – things to consider when playing online poker

When it comes to poker one of the biggest misconceptions about the game is that bluffing is the way forward. New NZ players should take note that bluffing does not help in poker unless you are a professional, otherwise it only helps to make the player stand out to those who know what they are doing. As poker is also a game of concentration, it’s best to play it when calm. We recommend avoiding playing this game if you are sad, angry or drunk as these emotions can hinder your decision making and cause you to lose rounds and subsequently money. At the end of the day, it’s important to know the specific rules of the poker game you are about to play and ensure that you understand them fully before delving into this highly competitive game.