Free spins no deposit

There are many different types of casino bonuses when playing online, but one of the most popular to be given are free spins. There are many free spins no deposit NZ options, with casinos offering different numbers of spins that are eligible for different games. Free spins are simply spins that can be played on a specific game, without the player having to shell out for that spin. In this way, players can actually win money if they land a winning combo on the slot game, without having had to input any of their own cash. This makes it the perfect way to kickstart an online gaming career. Keep reading to find out why free spins are so great and how to get them!


  • Win money for free
  • Try out new games
  • Most popular casino bonus


How to claim your free spins no deposit

When it comes to getting your hands on these free spins with no deposit, it’s relatively straight forward. As you have to do for all casino bonuses, players will be required to sign up to the casino and verify their account before they will be able to get these free spins. However, as these are a no deposit reward, players will not have to add any funds to their casino account in order to get them. There are different ways to get these spins, though some casinos will simply award them automatically once the account has been created. This means that they will be ready and waiting as soon as the player opens the right slot game. Some free spins will require players to input a bonus code or tick a box to accept the bonus during the signup phase.

The amount of free spins no deposit and value per spin

The amount of free spins players can win at any one time from a no deposit bonus can vary pretty dramatically. Some no deposit free spins will be as low as just 10 spins on a specific game. However, there are also some casinos that will offer many hundreds of free spins as a reward. Players should also take note that not all free spins are no deposit; some of the larger amounts of free spins awarded are often from deposit bonuses instead. When it comes to how much the free spins are actually worth, this will also depend on the casino and even the game on which these free spins are eligible. As a general rule, free spins will be played at the lowest bet limit that the slot game they are eligible for allows. However, there are super spins available at some casinos, where the bet value of the spins will be higher enabling players to get bigger wins through these free spins. It’s therefore important to check what the criteria for the free spins actually is.

Free spins no deposit and wagering requirements

For the most part, no deposit free spins will come with a set of wagering requirements in order to protect the casino from players simply taking the spins, winning some cash and making an instant withdrawal. Wagering requirements require players to play through any wins they may have garnered from the free spins a specific number of times. The number of times they must be wagered will depend on the casino. Again, it’s very important that players check this before selecting a bonus as these requirements can vary from as little as 2x to as much as 60x. The higher the wagering requirement is, the harder it is to fulfil and the less likely it is that the player will see any of their winnings. For instance, a set of free spins with a wagering requirement of 20x will mean that a NZ$10 win on the slot using those free spins will need to be played through to a value of NZ$200 before any winnings can be withdrawn. This is not impossible to reach, but lower requirements are much easier to achieve, enabling players to actually reap the benefit of their free spins.

Terms and conditions to be aware of when you’re playing with free spins no deposit

On top of any wagering requirements in place from the free spins, there are always additional conditions in place that must be met by any player taking these bonuses. One of the main things to be aware of is the time frame in which these spins can actually be used. Often, free spins with no deposit have a short turnaround time and must be used within 24 hours of being received, although this can be longer. As it can differ, players are recommended to check the time frame before accepting the free spins and potentially missing out. Sometimes free spins are also offered on a daily basis, but this means they won’t be added automatically to the account. Players will be required to actually log in each day to claim them or again they will miss out. This is especially the case if the casino is offering a large number of free spins as the bonus – often these will not be awarded as a single amount, but will indeed be awarded in smaller portions to encourage players to sign in each day.