Elk Studios

Elk Studios was founded in 2013 in Stockholm. Despite this start date, it wasn’t until a year later that the company released its first slot – The Lab. However, since then the company has seen a massive increase in its popularity, reaching all corners of the world. Elk Studios takes a slightly different approach to its games when compared to other providers. For instance, the company goes for producing quality games rather than a large quantity, which is the way other companies appear to work. By using this strategy, things have really paid off for them, as they are now an award winning iGaming company. To put it in perspective, the company has been operating for just shy of seven years, but has only released 36 games. However, each one is a carefully crafted gem. The Elk Studios crew has focused on high-quality graphics coupled with innovative gameplay, which ensures players get a top-notch gaming experience no matter which game they play. Each game is a true work of art, with great attention to detail.


  • Fully mobile compatible
  • Clear interface with great graphics
  • Unique in-built features such as betting strategies


Top Games from Elk Studios

  • Micro Knights
  • Valkyrie
  • DJ Wild
  • The Lab
  • Bloopers
  • Poltava: Flames of War
  • Sam on the Beach
  • Taco Brothers
  • Wild Toro
  • Electric Sam


What you need to know about Elk Studios

The Elk Studios team is obviously very passionate about each of the games that they create, always striving to make nothing but the best. The studio works on three central principles, which the designers, artists and software developers amalgamate to create the final product. Working like this from the initial concept to the artwork through to the mathematical algorithms used to operate the game, means that a top quality product is created every time. At the beginning of their run, there were not many titles released, but with the growth of the company, release of new games has started to increase. Despite more games being offered, Elk Studio’s trademark high quality value has never lessened, which means that players still wait with anticipation when a new game is about to drop. Better still, the company knows they will have a loyal fan base ready for the next game they deliver. To add to this already lengthy list of accolades, Elk Studios also makes sure all its games are mobile-friendly so that they’re a popular option for players who want instant-play games. Their games are all similar in one aspect though – design – all their games are slightly cartoonish, but the delicate handling of these games means that they’re still visually stunning. The final trademark from this company is the in-game features and fast gameplay. Both of these contribute to making Elk’s games stand out from the rest.

Can you trust games from Elk Studios

While it’s important to acknowledge the name Elk Studios have made in terms of the quality, this is not all that we need when it comes to playing. Thankfully, Elk Studios also has a very strong reputation for fair games. As a whole, the company is proud of the application of their algorithms to create the main workings of the game. They use cloud-based computations to operate alongside large databases and use statistical modelling to develop, refine and verify the gaming model in each slot. However, when playing, players should be aware that Elk Studio games tend to run from medium to high variance, which means that players can go through rather long periods where there are minimal wins. However, when you do succeed in getting a win, the wait is worth it, as the win is usually a big one. In addition to all of this, Elk Studios firmly put player satisfaction at the top of their list ensuring that all games have innovative betting strategies in place to aid this. The company also has a large number of licenses from numerous jurisdictions and even takes this a step further to ensure that it has a third party company to audit all of its games to make sure that the RNGs are operating correctly. As such, players can rest assured all Elk games are fair and above board.

Our opinion about Elk Studios

For the most part, we found that the quality of Elk Studios’ games is hugely impressive. While the selection is still small, just 36 games at the current time, the library is still growing. Each game on offer is carefully created no matter whether it’s a three reel classic game or one of the more complex five reel slots. As none of their games are of low variance, the addition of the betting strategy feature is a big deal, and can help you to score additional wins when you get them. Players also have the ability to choose the strategy and the bet level, which suits the best. Both these aspects change automatically following set rules from Elk Studios, but players can also opt out if they prefer. By offering this, players can manage their bankrolls more effectively when going through one of the drier periods in the game. Each game is also jam-packed with additional features such as free spins, cascading icons, large size icons and much more. Elk Studios also offers the Elk Compete promotional option allowing casinos that use Elk games to create tournaments across games. Elk themselves have stated they have hundreds of game ideas just waiting to be created, and, if we’re being honest here, we can’t wait to see what it is they have in store for us.