Direct bank transfer

The most popular way to add funds to your casino account in New Zealand is via direct transfer from your bank account. Direct bank transfer casino deposits and withdrawals offer the complete financial package by enabling gamers to use online banking as a fast and convenient one-stop-shop for all of their online financial dealings. This quick and straightforward method allows both new and existing gamers the opportunity to fund their online casino gaming directly from their personal bank account. By using your existing account, your funds can be in your account within minutes. By saving you from the added fuss of setting up new alternative payment methods, you are then free to enjoy the thrills and spills of online gaming.


  • Fast, direct deposits
  • Accepted by most online casinos.
  • Quick processing time.
  • Simple online banking.


Get started with direct bank transfer

Using the direct bank transfer method to fund your online casino account in New Zealand could not be simpler. Firstly you will need to find the right casino for you. Then you will need to open an account account with your chosen online casino. Once you have decided on which casino you would like to play with, you will need to select the direct payment methods option from the drop down menu. If your chosen casino offers payment with bank transfer, pick this method and fill out the online form. Once you have completed all of the previously listed steps, the next stage will be for you to wait for your account to be confirmed. Once your account has been approved and your payment method has been verified, you will then be ready to make an online casino direct bank transfer. Once your account is funded, you will then be free to enjoy full use of your online casino account in New Zealand.

How to deposit money to a casino via direct bank transfer

Once you have set up your online casino account in New Zealand and all of the necessary check have been made, you will then be ready to transfer funds directly from your bank account. When you are completely satisfied with where and how much you will send your online casino direct bank transfer, you will next have to submit your request. Once you have accepted, your deposit should only take minutes to load to your casino account. With some banks or online casinos you may be required to accept your payment through your online account, as most casinos in New Zealand would recommend that you do. The minimum amount that you can deposit will often vary depending on your online casino. As with any other questions or concerns that you may have relating to setting up your account, it is very likely that the solution to your concerns can be found either online or by talking to a customer service representative.

How to withdraw money from a casino via direct bank transfer

Once you have played at your chosen online casino in New Zealand for a while, you may wish to withdraw money from your account. It is worth bearing in mind that the online casino withdrawal and deposit processes are often directly proportional; with the submission of your request to the website only taking you a couple of minutes of your time. Once you have provided all of the necessary details and you have satisfied your chosen online casino’s security measures, all that is left for you to do is wait. It is perhaps very comforting to know that the majority of online casino sites do offer bank transfer withdrawing methods. Typically, the waiting time for online casino withdrawals is between 5 and 7 days. Although this timescale is longer than some of the other available withdrawal methods, it is still by far the most secure method available to online gamers in New Zealand. The additional peace of mind of knowing that your money is headed to the right place should more than ease any feelings of impatience!

Am I safe playing online casino with direct bank transfer?

When it comes to depositing or withdrawing funds from your online casino account in New Zealand, direct bank transfers offer the most convenient and comprehensive solution. By offering players the opportunity to make fast and direct deposits, a quick processing time as well as being a widely available option, direct bank transfer offer a comprehensive solution to all of your online casino needs. Although using your own personal bank account may present certain issues with regards to privacy, the option is still very safe and secure. As direct bank transfers are made between banks and bank accounts, they are protected by the bank’s own security systems such as SSL encryption. With some of the strongest, strictest encryptions in place, banks ensure that their customers’ money stays where it should. For this reason, wire transfers are heavily encrypted and protected as they move from one bank account to another. However, the relatively slower withdrawal timescales may in some cases present an unforgivable drawback to this particular option, with some banks also hesitant when it comes to funding online casino accounts. However, by allowing online casino players in New Zealand the ability to keep their finances in one place, direct bank transfers offer a much tidier option. By using this method, players in New Zealand can also avoid having to fork out for the fees associated with other newer options.