Bitcoin casino

Bitcoin casino NZ makes payments easy while you play your favourite games. You don’t have to go through a traditional bank account transfer or credit card which means the fees are much lower. Bitcoin doesn’t require any prerequisites, so you don’t have to go through any processes to prove that you have enough funds to be able to pay. When you use Bitcoin, your e-coins are kept on your digital wallet on your device or in the cloud, so it’s really easy to keep track of your money. It’s quick to send money via Bitcoin, too. It’s as simple as sending a text message. You can easily get access to your Bitcoin account as and when you need to.


  • Account cannot be frozen
  • Use it in almost any country


Get started with Bitcoin casino

It’s totally free to set up your Bitcoin account and it’s easy to do. All you need to do is set up what is called a Bitcoin wallet, on your computer or phone. You can choose the right type of e-wallet for you. Different wallets have different levels of security. For example, web wallets may be “http”or “https”. Always opt for https as it is encrypted. Some types of wallets aren’t as easy to use and have complicated security features while others are quite simple. Alternatively, you can choose to set up your wallet on the official Bitcoin site. Once you’ve chosen your wallet, you’ll want to add coins to your account. You can do this with a credit card, or using Bitcoin’s Exchange system. Don’t forget to back up your wallet’s private key in case you ever lose the device your Bitcoin wallet is stored on. To receive money from another user, you’ll need to give them your Bitcoin address, which is how you’re identified. As soon as you’re set up, it’s easy to use the Bitcoins you’ve bought to play your favourite casino games.

How to deposit money to a Bitcoin casino with this payment system

To add money to your casino Bitcoin account, you must first have bitcoins in your digital wallet. To do this, you can use your debit or credit, or choose a bank transfer. You can also use a Bitcoin ATM or a P2P exchange to deposit money as well. Once you’ve added your Bitcoins to your account, you’re then free to start playing casino games, and gamble to win. You’ll need your public and private key, which are two long numbers specific to you. Your public key is used as a digital signature to store your history of transactions. Your private key is essentially used as a password to allow you to make transactions. You can deposit up to 15,719 NZ dollars at one time. Transactions can be processed without fees, but the first couple of transactions can take up to a week to process. Once trust has been established, transfers go into effect very quickly.

How to withdraw money from a Bitcoin casino

There are multiple methods you can use to withdraw your money from Bitcoin. It depends whether you’re looking for a quick method or a cheap method. You also need to decide what form you want to receive your money in. Many bitcoin casinos offer payments in Bitcoin while also allowing users to make withdrawals in fiat currencies. Bank transfers, PayPal, Skrill, and others are commonplace at online casinos. Should you choose for a bitcoin withdrawal, your cryptocurrency will go into the Bitcoin address that you provide to the casino. The casino will then transfer your coins to the digital wallet of your choice. From there, you will need to sell your bitcoins for cash so that you can transfer your money into your bank account. A popular exchange platform is Coinbase, but there are many others as well that are both secure and reputable. The entire process, from receiving your bitcoin from the online bitcoin casino to buying fiat currency to transferring funds to your bank account can take anywhere from 3-5 days to complete. The minimum amount you can withdraw is 27 NZ dollars.

Am I safe playing online casino with Bitcoin casino?

Bitcoin has developed very quickly since it began in 2010. It has got a strong track record for security, and it is used by people on a global level. There have been occasional concerns with the levels of security using Bitcoin, especially as there is currently no insurance policy available. However, if you use your e-wallet correctly, and maintain the security of it, you can avoid problems. For example, some ways you can look after your Bitcoin account include: Remember to back it up online, and choose a wallet with a two-step authentication process. When you set up your password, be sure to create a strong password so that it cannot easily be possibly hacked by another unofficial user. Alternatively, you could choose to set up an offline version of your wallet because this is one of the higher security levels for your savings. This is because it isn’t connected to the live network. Playing casino games with a Bitcoin account is easy. Have fun and enjoy the simplicity of the payment system.